The Heretic Speaks #4: You can’t be a proper witch if…

I’ve heard it said so many times in so many circles: You can’t be a proper X if you don’t do Y. What do we mean by that? If we’re narrowly defining what is proper, especially in spiritual circles, can we really be inclusive? If we’re being exclusionary for some reason, why? What purpose does it serve?

I’ll admit it, this is a bit of a rant…


The Heretic Speaks

I’ve been doing shorter, more personal podcasts about different topics over at This Week In Heresy. I’ll be posting them here as well.

In my third installment of The Heretic Speaks, I talk about failure: how we perceive it, how we have dealt with it in the past, and how we deal with it in the present. What do we do when things go wrong, and how do we see ourselves when we do make mistakes?

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In Memorium: Lay Minister Alexis Dolleman

Originally posted on Between the Worlds Church:

Minister Alexis, from City of Refuge, UCC and TransSaints minister passed away last night. More information is here.

I will light a candle for you Alexis. While I am sad you are no longer with us, I know you are now with the Beloved Dead, and we will honor you and your life.


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First, as part of my online ministry, I’m doing online “office hours” for those who would like to ask questions about multi-faith, Wiccan Christianity, Between the Worlds Church, or if you want to make appointments for spiritual direction, or ask about services. You can contact me via Skype (username: worthyadvisor), through email (worthyadvisor(at), or through Google Hangouts (via my email). For the summer, my office hours are Friday afternoons from 1-4 pm Pacifc (4-7pm Eastern). This is NOT for spiritual direction, but you can make arrangements for spiritual direction during this time. (See my Ministerial Services page for more information, or contact me for sliding scale/student options.)

Second, my podcast is moving forward. See the “This Week In Heresy” website to download the current episode. It’s also on iTunes! :)

Third, I’ve been trying to write what I’ve been feeling lately about things. It’s hard, because I’m still in the post-graduation…well, not really a slump, but more of an action phase. I felt similarly after my Bachelor’s, although, this has been much more intense.

There’s a bit of grieving about not being in school anymore and being in the seminary community. I know that this year, after a couple of months I’m not going back to it. Even though I still have a sort of exhaustion from being in school, but I miss being there. I’ll probably miss it more in September when I realize I’m not going back. At least, not as a student.

Even with feeling that, I can’t deny that I’m ready to just get going and do stuff. Seminary refined my vocation and helped me to see what I really wanted to do. I want to just do it. I know I’ve started doing so with Between the Worlds, and that seems to be moving along. I’ve also started my online ministry (the podcast and office hours, and soon, hopefully, a forum…). I’ve also been talking to some people about another project I’ve been dreaming of for awhile, and that looks like it may start happening. Things are moving along.

But things are different now, and it’s still a bit strange. I know I’ll get through, and things will even out and all, but still….things are different. I’m different.

And that’s how it should be…