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In Memorium: Lay Minister Alexis Dolleman

Originally posted on Between the Worlds Church:

Minister Alexis, from City of Refuge, UCC and TransSaints minister passed away last night. More information is here.

I will light a candle for you Alexis. While I am sad you are no longer with us, I know you are now with the Beloved Dead, and we will honor you and your life.


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First, as part of my online ministry, I’m doing online “office hours” for those who would like to ask questions about multi-faith, Wiccan Christianity, Between the Worlds Church, or if you want to make appointments for spiritual direction, or ask about services. You can contact me via Skype (username: worthyadvisor), through email (worthyadvisor(at)gmail.com), or through Google Hangouts (via my email). For the summer, my office hours are Friday afternoons from 1-4 pm Pacifc (4-7pm Eastern). This is NOT for spiritual direction, but you can make arrangements for spiritual direction during this time. (See my Ministerial Services page for more information, or contact me for sliding scale/student options.)

Second, my podcast is moving forward. See the “This Week In Heresy” website to download the current episode. It’s also on iTunes! :)

Third, I’ve been trying to write what I’ve been feeling lately about things. It’s hard, because I’m still in the post-graduation…well, not really a slump, but more of an action phase. I felt similarly after my Bachelor’s, although, this has been much more intense.

There’s a bit of grieving about not being in school anymore and being in the seminary community. I know that this year, after a couple of months I’m not going back to it. Even though I still have a sort of exhaustion from being in school, but I miss being there. I’ll probably miss it more in September when I realize I’m not going back. At least, not as a student.

Even with feeling that, I can’t deny that I’m ready to just get going and do stuff. Seminary refined my vocation and helped me to see what I really wanted to do. I want to just do it. I know I’ve started doing so with Between the Worlds, and that seems to be moving along. I’ve also started my online ministry (the podcast and office hours, and soon, hopefully, a forum…). I’ve also been talking to some people about another project I’ve been dreaming of for awhile, and that looks like it may start happening. Things are moving along.

But things are different now, and it’s still a bit strange. I know I’ll get through, and things will even out and all, but still….things are different. I’m different.

And that’s how it should be…

“This Week In Heresy” is now live!

My new podcast, This Week In Heresy, is now live! Check out the first episode!

A little bragging:

My wife is now an author on the Patheos Pagan Channel, and I’m really excited for her! Check it out! :)

Queer of Swords: It’s Not Rocket Science!

*proud wife smile*

Summer Solstice: June 21, 2014, 3:00 PM

Originally posted on Between the Worlds Church:

This Saturday we are joined by Morningstar Vancil, Native American Two Spirit, who
will help us celebrate the longest day of the year!

Service begins at 3 pm, and there will be Eucharist. Hope to see you there!

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Sometimes you don’t get what you want…

If your retreat starts off with learning that the guest master has lost your reservation, it may be a sign that things may not go so well.

While I didn’t mind doing the spiritual work I did for others while I was there, “working” on retreat is not restful.

If your intuition tells you to go home, you should listen to that voice.

I’ve outgrown the abbey as a retreat place. I’ve learned what I’ve supposed to learn there, and now I have to think about where I want to go instead. It’s not that the abbey isn’t beautiful or peaceful, but…

But the whole experience on retreat this time around did push me into releasing stuff from around graduation a couple of days after I got home.

So, I didn’t get the retreat that I wanted, but I suppose I got the retreat that I needed.


Now, I’m starting a new ministry project. I applied for a business license in order to be able to charge for some services. I’m still building the church. I’ll be starting open office hours on Skype. I’ve finally set myself up to wash the fleeces I’ve been hanging on to for awhile.

I’m moving forward. Still have a bit of post-graduation blues, but it’s not quite so bad today. It’s still kind of weird to knowing that I don’t need to be signed up for classes and such. (Although, I want all my grades to post!)

One day at a time, right?

On retreat:

I will be on retreat this week (June 9-13) at the Abbey of New Clairvaux. I will be mostly off-grid, but will have limited access to email. Hope everyone has a great week, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about when I get back!


I’ve been doing a lot of reminiscing around my whole seminary experience over the last week. Today I started looking at the posts that I wrote when I first started, and re-read my application essay. I realized how much different I am from the person who wrote that essay in 2011.

But, there is one belief that I wrote about in my application essay that has remained the same for me through all my work:

All people, regardless of their beliefs, gender, orientation, or whether they are a saint or a murderer, deserve love, compassion, and understanding…In our society, we tend to think of things in black and white, good and evil, and label people in that way.

Because of seminary, I’ve found the words to describe what this idea is: radical inclusion. I have found theology that speaks to me of inclusion and I have had mentors who have shown me how to put radical inclusion into practice.

What seems huge to me is that how I came into seminary is very different from the way I came out. I was determined to be a hospital chaplain in the beginning, but now I’m an ordained pastor and starting a church. I’m much more determined to do interfaith work and to be a bridge between traditions.

To say that I’m humbled and honored to have gone through seminary is not enough. And I know that in the next few weeks I’ll be really thinking and processing the ending of my seminary education. The last few days have been hard because, while I have things to do, there’s still a part of me that asks, “Now what?”

I also have a community of colleagues, friends, and mentors who are amazing people doing amazing work that I get to be a part of from time to time.

I have plans and ideas for things post-graduation, I know I need to leave room for Spirit to work and move. Things will always change, and Spirit and friends and love will help me on the way.

So, I hope you all will be patient with me for the next few weeks while I’m working through the change of coming back to “civilian” life, so to speak. And I thank everyone for their love and support through my whole seminary experience. Especially my Awesome Wife, who did just as much work as I did through the whole thing!

Graduation wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning!

So much love…

This past week was extremely busy.

First, my Mom came in from New Hampshire last Wednesday. On Thursday we surprised her with our legal wedding!


Showing off the legal thing with our awesome priest and awesome friend, Philip


mom wedding

Post-wedding picture with Mom.


And then, on Sunday, I graduated from Pacific School of Religion:







So much love. So many blessings. Thank you all for an amazing week!

This week, I think, will be many naps…


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